true love pugs

I often wonder how we love…. how we fall in love, stay in love, love with passion, love unconditionally. I wonder how our love changes over time. When we think we’ve stopped loving someone, is it really love that it was in the first place? Has our love changed somehow so that the relationship feels different? Did we become complacent in how we keep our love intimate and engaged? Can we really love from a distance? Does absence really make the heart grow fonder, or does it create vast chasms that after a while, become impossible to cross? Sometimes, these chasms can seem to appear suddenly, out of nowhere. We can become complacent in the energy that a relationship needs so each person can remain intimately connected.
I know for me, I need that daily physical presence. The time between seeing my loved ones can make it difficult for me to remain connected and it feels as if I am starting over: the longer there is a gap in time, the harder it is for me to feel that intimacy. I know this about myself but sometimes, I have little control over these things….