Old Castle Wardour


Why Bother?

There are days when I just feel like giving up… Why bother? It’s too much work trying to be with you. We may live in the same community but you might as well… Continue reading


The past few months have been hard, harder than than most months I’ve had to struggle through over the decade or so. I don’t really have an reason or particular event that’s triggered… Continue reading


I have been betrayed, only I am not sure who is at the core.  It is an unnerving feeling to know that someone close is conspiring and manipulating in the shadows.  Staying on a… Continue reading

My Heart is Broken…

I was hurt by a friend today but I can’t really blame her; I am sure I have hurt her too. I’ve been stressed with an overburdened workload along with the pressure of… Continue reading


I often wonder how we love…. how we fall in love, stay in love, love with passion, love unconditionally. I wonder how our love changes over time. When we think we’ve stopped loving… Continue reading

The Real Faces of Homelessness (video)

**Having a home is a right, not a privilege.** I am always amazed that that concept escapes people. Contrary to the myth that many people believe, folks who are homeless don’t *choose* to… Continue reading

My Beautiful Sorrow

I was right there, in my imagination, experiencing it all: pain, rejection, fear, isolation. It becomes a simple business transaction, one to disconnect. I need that distance from myself, all in the name… Continue reading

Things I say…

“Absence makes the heart want to wander.” “Love needs to be nurtured; love will not grow when there is space between us.” “The space between us isn’t independence and individuality.   It is fear… Continue reading

Things he says

“Did you know that Jeff Dunham just got married again?” “What? Didn’t he learn the first time?” ———————————-   “Alice wanted to talk because her relationship with Frank isn’t good.” “Did you use our… Continue reading